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Forte service concept

Forte's Service Concept

Forte 5 Star Service TM is a packaged service concept that includes a full and flexible range of components allowing you to leave your data communication and security concerns to us. Forte's 5 Star Service includes:
  • Continuous service development work focuses on our clients' needs using our packaged service concept. Why develop for only one organization if the same features can be utilised for several clients without any business risk? This is how Forte can save your IT organizations money.
  • Seamless integration with other service providers: Our goal is to dissolve the borders with our clients' other service providers. This ensures that our clients have smooth daily operations in multivendor environment. Forte uses an Operational Level Agreement model. OLA defines the interdependent relationships among the support groups of an organization working to support a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The agreement describes the roles and responsibilities between support groups.
  • Best of breed tools ensure quality service without customers having to invest in own ITIL based ticketing, monitoring or management systems. At Forte we use for example Efecte and CA TM SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager Premium Suite and CATM eHealth Network Performance Manager Premium Suite.
  • Service specialists are all certified professionals. We invest in continuous training of our personnel.
  • Service Quality Management creates high customer satisfaction. We use assurance, quality control and continuous service improvements to manage our service quality.
  • Project Management: Forte's high quality project management is based on the PRINCE2 framework.
  • Service prosesses are based on ITILv3. This brings transparency and easier integration in multivendor environments.
  • Customer intimacy: We have regular technical, service and development reviews with our clients.
  • Efficient service delivery is our unique model in terms of how we deliver our services around the world. We have very short lead-time from the original order to service in production.